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Mavin GMThis talks about the memory issue (leak), and the chat and email issues. Plus some other questions answered. The memory leak is what is causing the restarts every 8ish hours.
Current State of SWG Legends
Greetings Legends, The team has been very busy, between development team working on updates, bugs, old and new content and all the while the community team has been working hard on...
RocomonIm in Fox on Omega as Rocamon
NovaJudge EM  Thought that was you. my toons are all in Nero. Evilc my main
Irenex EMHey mavin r y still plaing SWG?
i logi in swg OMEGA server CL 90 now
Irenex , Irene
Mavin GM  Yes! My lvl 90 Medic is Marvin
Also I am Tokyo area this week, thru the weekend until Monday.
Mavin GM  Auto correct --- My Character Name is Mavin
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Mavin GM  thanks, long time no see!
Mavin GMHappy Anniversary Legends!

Today marks a very important landmark in our history, our First Anniversary since the founding of SWG: Legends. This first year has been a complete and total whirlwind, and we look forward to an even better second year, which the Staff and I are committed to providing!

In honor of today, at this next server reset, we are providing the follow through January 16, 2017; Which are:

Double City Invasion Tokens.
Double Harvester Extraction Rates.
Double Heroic Tokens
Double Restuss Commendations.
Double Space Duty Tokens.
Double XP Rates.

A reminder that the Life Day Event will continue run through January 16, 2017, along with the bonuses mentioned above.

Stay tuned for an announcement on the celebration of the anniversary for the Omega Server, coming next month.

More than anything else, we thank you, The Community, for your support over this last year. It is because of you, that we are here, and we look forward to another year, with this game that we love so much. So, thank you.

As always, May The Force Be With You All!

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Rocomon   find me online @Rocamon
Jakkz Mbring SWG back!
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Mavin GMSecured our name in Legends, need more 4 more toons I believe so the guild doesn't auto disband. Not using this yet, I think we are fine in Nero for now, but if we go more hardcore into PvP and Restuss we might start running AXIS again.
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NovaJudge EM  I don't have any spare toons not guilded:(
Mavin GM  Ok, now we have 5 toons in AXIS.
Dyslysis EMWhat up Fellas!! Let's link up in game... add me to friends or Calibeamer.. I'll be more active soon, just getting set up myself, but we have lots of players back and more joining...
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Mavin GMSWG Legends

Upcoming Events:

Double XP and Tokens from January 11th to 16th.
Life Day will end on January 16, 2017.
NovaJudge EMMerry Xmas everyone. Hope you have a great time.
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Mavin GMMIght have to play some STO just to get the festive sweaters.
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ShadowAxx EMJust a heads up ... starting Thursday 12/8 and running for a whole month... Infinity R & D Pack

This will no doubt break the crazy prices of some of the ships like the Annorax, Sheshar and the new 23rd century ships, T6 Connie, D7 and T'Liss.

<big smile>
Irgi XO  id like the connie but man so much creds
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ShadowAxx EMI think I'll be grinding out the winter ship during the Q event.

I saw an email from Deemer asking if we wanted to turn over control of the fleet to him, but I'm inclined to just leave it dormant until one of us or someone we know would want to get back into STO. I know I have invested too much time and $$$ to just give the fleet to someone else.

On the other hand, if we switched setting to let a lower officer rank maintain the flow of holding projects, that might be a good idea. Thoughts?
ShadowAxx EM  BTW... to get the winter ship, you need 1000 of the winter photos. You can get 40/day running the solo ice skating race in the wonderland, or you can buy 2-6 photos with 5 Lobi crystals. So it is possible to get the ship for 167-500 lobi. I'll just run the skating thing.

Also, there is a phoenix box with a range of loot drops. This box is available until 12/8, and you can get (1) per day from someone on Drozana or DS9, and you can buy the boxes for 4,500 dil from the dil store. There are (6) Epic ships available, but you have to be lucky to get EPIC drops, and my lack of that kind of luck is what has made the game a lot less fun for me. So, for some of you lucky folk, it might be worth logging in to get the (1) free phoenix box per day until next thursday when it expires.
Irgi XO  let deemer know that even though I have been not in game as of late its due to schedule change I will be back in game soon.
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