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Mavin GMI need everyone with a citizen in Katana Enclave, to login and vote for mayor.
Our city is now lvl 4 with a shuttle-port.
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Mavin GMJust won the election for a level 3 city near Restuss. I have renamed the city Katana Enclave, like our old cities on Bria and Flurry. I need people to place houses and vote for me, so I can make sure the previous Mayor does not win the city back.
Mavin GMRestuss Safe/Buff House 6414 5358
Medium Naboo, near Imp side and city, 400 meters from the shuttle.
Irene has a Guild Hall south of Restuss, we may use that if more play.
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Mavin GM  Battle of Restuss was this last weekend or this coming weekend?
NovaJudge EM  That sounds good. This coming weekend is the Battle
NovaJudge EM  Final Reminder - The Battle of Restuss has begun, and is currently in Phase I status. Phase II is scheduled to begin on Saturday, February 24 at 2:00PM EST. More information is available on the forums, so grab your gear and get into the fight! :)

[link] Sorry Phase one started last weekend
Mavin GMSWG Legends Keren Invasion 02FEB18
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Mavin GM
What Star Wars History May Tell Us About Rian Johnson's New ...
Yesterday, the news dropped that Rian Johnson's time in the Star Wars universe would not end with The Last Jedi. Instead, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that Johnson would be workin...
Mavin GMBasically the three West Coast servers are being merged into one server. Names, if you are subbed and login occasionally then you get dibs on you toons original name if the other two people who have toons with the same name are not subbed, and do not login often. Guilds do transfer, my account still has control of all three guilds.
SWTOR United Forces Update and Server Merges - Dulfy
SWTOR will be undergoing a round of server merges with the United Forces update. Our primary focus this year for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ has been to build and release multipl...
ShadowAxx EMHow about all of the recent drama on EVE? "Judgement Day" Crazy stuff.
ShadowAxx EMGreetings ... I hope everyone is doing great. Not much going on here. Been playing a little STO and Fallout 4, but not much else. My son has been gaming a good deal over the summer but school is starting up this week so it's back to the books. Cheers Axx
Mavin GM  Been traveling for work for most of the last 4 months. LIke 90% of the time. Finally not traveling, but just bought an Alienware 15 R3 since I am sure I will be more in the future. Was playing SWG Legends, With Irene and Monk, might be back into that or SWTOR, my wife wants to play with me now. Trying to get her to pick something.
NovaJudge EM[link]
Mavin GMYesterday in SWG Legends
Mavin GMI Hawaii for two weeks for work, will be back in SWG late next week... around 17th
Mavin GMThis talks about the memory issue (leak), and the chat and email issues. Plus some other questions answered. The memory leak is what is causing the restarts every 8ish hours.
Current State of SWG Legends
Greetings Legends, The team has been very busy, between development team working on updates, bugs, old and new content and all the while the community team has been working hard on...
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